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Faron P. Cedotal

Genealogical Research LLC



Faron P. Cedotal has been researching and documenting his own French-Acadian family for over 35 years. He has researched his wife's Sicilian family for over 25 years. Faron has been a member of The Association of Professional Genealogists since 2019.

Faron completed the following online genealogical courses through Brigham Young University:

  •    Introduction to Family Research

  •    Writing a Family History

  •    Family Records

  •    Vital Records

  •    French Research

  •    French Vital Records

  •    Reading French Handwriting

  •    The Internet and French Genealogy


He completed the Genealogist accreditation through courses at the East Baton Rouge parish library.


Faron received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Louisiana State University.

He is a native of Plaquemine, LA, and has resided in Baton Rouge, LA, for over 45 years. He retired from the The Dow Chemical Company after serving as a Computer Analyst for 30 years.

Genealogical Research Projects

Genealogical Research Projects

Pedigree Chart for Pierre Gervet Sedotal

Family and Ancestor Research

Find where your ancestors lived, what occupations they held, and much more. A comprehensive, easy to read book-type report is generated with pedigree charts, a bibliography, end-notes, and photos (provided by the client). All facts are sourced so you can trace where the info provided came from.


Citizenship and Naturalization

Are you trying to obtain a European passport? You must prove a direct-line relationship between yourself and your ancestor. Also, the ancestor's naturalization status and date of naturalization must be proven. We can help.


General Research

Do you need information from a specific courthouse or library, are you writing an article that needs information from a rare book, are you conducting a search for heirs? We'll visit the site and research the specific information you request.


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Baton Rouge, LA

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